About Us

The company

started earlier in the year of 2014 as a local pharmaceutical and medical agent for international companies in the Qatar.

The company was

established with the aim to provide the best distribution
and marketing in the market.

With the long

track record, reputation of excellence, leadership and achievements, the company is designed to achieve its aims.

Who we are.

New Concept Pharma trade company is a Fast growing Medical and pharmaceutical company working in Qatar.

Our Mission.

  Contribute towards improving the health care environment...
  Through the marketing and distribution of innovative...
  Branded generics and reliable Medical and pharmaceutical...
  Broducts to meet the growing needs of the public and...
  Private Sectors through the country.


Service Column

The company\'s HQ office is based in Doha.

Service Column

NCP is privately founded and owned by group of experienced ex-pharmaceutical companies managers.


Wider and more detailed coverage of the marketplace through the expansion of our field forces and ground

Enhance the companies profile and resources.

Strengthen the companies sales and marketing networks in Qatar.

Establish more efficient organizational and cost structure.

Use a strengthened balance sheet to enable strategic and new product investments.

implement a capital policy to boost enterprise value.

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